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Visit the holy Preah Vihear in Cambodia

Prasat Preah Vihear is a temple located on a mountain crest of Doudrk Mountain in Cambodia near the border with Thailand. The temple was named for Preah Vihear province, where it is located. In 2008, the temple was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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The first temple was built in the early 9th century, used to worship Shiva. The relics found in this province indicate that this area was an important settlement of the Khmer Empire in the 12th century.

Preah Vihear Temple was built on a fairly flat surface on the top of the mountain, 525 meters above the plain and 625 meters above sea level, which is 800 meters north-facing. This is a unique feature of Preah Vihear with an expansive layout of the entire North-South axis, which is very different from most other temples in Angkor period.

The temple is a masterpiece of Khmer architecture, showing a high level of design, decorated with exquisite carvings and harmonious combination with the surrounding landscape.

The architectural style of the temple is reflected in the iconic paintings on the door frame, roof … with beautiful carvings. The architecture here has made curiosity with the carved beauty of the ancient man has left.

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The temple’s most attractive attraction is the combination of nature and architecture. The early sunshine was not strong enough to dispel the mist below, creating a deep depression for the scene. A lot of mixed feelings mixed up in the place where the heavens are like here, watching the ancient temple with thrilling legends and magical beauty.

Like other temples, Preah Vihear is still a replica of Mount Meru – the home of the gods in Hindu mythology.

The entire architecture of the temple stretches across five levels, with elevated elevations that are 120m lower than the south. Start at the first level is a 7m wide and fairly steep terrain, with a length of nearly 150m leading to the temple. Right above the stairs are two naga-headed serpents guarding the two sides. Next is a 50 meter yard, which ends with a stone staircase leading up to the throne.

At the fourth level, the shrine dates back to the Baphuon period, the gate is intact, decorated with elaborate carvings. In a chapel here, the carved images of the legendary stirring of the immortal ocean of the two gods of good and evil spirits are presented strikingly on the gate. This is a masterpiece of the Preah Vihear temple.

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The fifth level is also the highest level separated from the fourth level via a large door frame. This is different from other levels that are always connected to each other through a long paved road. The architecture at this level is heavily influenced by the Koh Ker style. On either side of the main hall there are two long corridors leading to two rooms outside, believed to be the library where the monks study. In the middle is the main power although the rear has collapsed with large blocks of stone lying, but the center still retains its intact features with sturdy roofs. While the roof of most shrines at other levels has collapsed in part or completely. At present, the local people have converted to a Buddhist temple with monks, ready to bless the sincere visitors with a bit of virtue at will.

Previously, the temple was built in the area near the border of Cambodia and Thailand and caused a dispute. On the Cambodian side, there is no entrance to the temple because of the large cliffs. At that time, people wanted to visit Preah Vihear temple to go around the Thai border. But after the international court ruled the temple completely belonged to Cambodia, the country just started clearing the way to the temple, helping visitors and visitors to visit the temple easier, more convenient without having to go to the territory of Thailand.

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The current status of Preah Vihear temple maintains its main architecture, but only maintains the main temple, the center of the temple. The pillars, enclosures were broken by past disputes.

Domestic and foreign tourists visiting Cambodia’s Preah Vihear Temple can admire the ancient architecture and the contiguous lands of the two countries. The border point is also a destination that many people enjoy.

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