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5 Reasons to Travel to Myanmar Now

Have you ever heard about Myanmar, the country of ancient and mysterious beauty? If not, you should see the following post to know which reasons to travel to Myanmar will make you feel to go.

1. Kyaiktiyo Pagoda or the Golden Rock– the Impressive Pagoda in Myanmar

Located about 200km from Yangon, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is called Golden Rock with 15m tall and plated with gold outside. It is considered the impressive artwork of the perfect balance in nature because of its unique position on the egg of Kyaiktiyo Mountain. Passing over for a long time of existence; the pagoda is still standing and never shaken.

reasons to travel to myanmar

2. Vibrant life on the streets of Mandalay

Maybe in your first imagination, Mandalay is the gentle and tranquil city because of its name. However, when you are in the city you will feel the energetic ambiance with many interesting activities on every corner of the streets in Mandalay. Strolling around these busy streets are great experiences in your stays to discover bustling markets, or enjoy delicious street foods and visit some ancient buildings here.

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3. Sightseeing by Balloon over Bagan

Located beside the Ayeyarwady River at the central of Myanmar, Bagan owns the poetic sceneries and mysterious beauty of thousands of ancient pagodas and temples. Thus if you are in Bagan, let’s try balloon to watch the whole magnificent beauty of this land. Balloon is considered the best way for sightseeing from above, especially in the early mornings.

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• See more options of tours for travel in Bagan:

4. Myanmar, the Great Destination for Travel on Rivers, Lakes and Beaches

Myanmar owns the three main rivers including Yangon, Irrawaddy and Chindwin River, which will make you incredible experiences to visit and discover the golden land of Myanmar. Through a boat trip, you will have a great opportunity to enjoy stunning beauty of sceneries and many ancient temples and pagodas on the riversides.

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Besides, if you love the vast ocean, the Mergui Archipelago along with numerous rocky islands would be the wonderful place on your boat journey. Andaman Resort in Inle Lake also the best other option in the south.

5. U Bein Bridge

Famous for the longest teak bridge in the world with 1.2km long, Ubein Bridge in Amarapura ancient village is the ideal place for sightseeing stunning sunset of many Buddhists and locals. It is also the pilgrim path of the monks who wore long robes. According to tourist magazine of CNN Go, this wooden bridge is considered the most beautiful place to admire the magical sunset in the world.

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