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Travelling to Myanmar – Discover the beauty of Bagan

No visitors should come home without having several days to discover Bagan – the ancient city, which is known as a unique land in Southeast Asia with the mysterious beauty of numerous ancient pagodas, temples.


Like the Machu Pichu Sanctuary in Peru and Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bagan is also a mysterious and magical land, which was recognized as the Cultural World Heritage Site. During the period from 9th – 13th century, Bagan was formerly called Pagan, the capital city of Pagan Kingdom, which was the 1st one in Myanmar.

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During its prosperity from the mid of 11th century to 13th century, the Kingdom of Pagan was built more than 10,000 Buddhist temples and monasteries over the plains of Bagan. Nowadays, there are still about 2.200 ancient temples.

With the long night bus, you can get to Bagan before the sunrise. At that time, the city still immerses in its sleep, which makes a peaceful beauty. After that, let’s take a horse cart to get into the city and start your journey.

Admire the breathtaking sunrise in Bagan.

You should book your accommodation in advance so that you don’t have to worry about your stays. After check – in the hotel, start your day with the trip to ShweiLeik Too temple nearby for sightseeing beautiful sunrise. At that time, Bagan is so amazing with different colors of the sun such as orange, yellow, etc covering the ancient temples.

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bagan 4

Surprise at astonishing hot temperature in Bagan

After the breakfast, you can start your trip by cycling around the North of Bagan and then stop at the city center. This is certainly a fantastic day for discovering further Bagan.

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Here, you will feel clearly the hot temperature on the day due to the bright sunshine. However, the beauty of ancient temples will make you forget the terrible heat in Bagan.

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On the way, you have a great opportunity to contemplate the interesting space here, which has various temples, different stupas. After that, start a short rest at the hotel and continue your trip when the sunshine is less bright.

Discover inside the ancient temples in Bagan.

Starting your early morning by the trip continue to the ancient temple for admiring the beautiful sunrise. Bagan is always amazing at the sunrise, which makes a strong impression in the sight of many visitors.

bagan 8

Then, continue discovering further Bagan by coming into these ancient temples. Here, you will be overwhelmed by the sparkling space and beautiful architecture with colorful walls of red, orange. Along the way, you will see huge Buddha statues and the exquisite paintings on the walls. If you have unrest in your soul, then ancient temples in Bagan would be the perfect destination for calm.

bagan 9

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