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Myanmar Adventure Tours and the Not – to – be Missed Experiences

Myanmar still has many unspoiled and pristine regions which can charm any visitors coming to explore with the picturesque scenery and beautiful rich ethnic culture. Let discover some must visit places in this beautiful country with Myanmar Private Holidays.

1.Green Hill Elephant Camp (Kalaw)

This is an interesting place in the region of Kalaw where an organization was found to reforest an area of 190 acres and take care of a number of elephants. Coming here, you can have a chance to feed, bath and even ride an elephant. You can also plant a tree to contribute to the reforest progress in this area. Time in Green Hill Elephant Camp promises to be a fascinating experience in between the nature.

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2. Lashio

Namp Kyant village lies in outside the center of Lashio where an ethnic minority – Paulaung maintain their traditional weaving, farming and architecture. Here, you can have a chance to admire and have for yourself one of their stunning handicraft products. After visiting this special village, you can take a dip in the refreshing hot spring of Lashio then climb on the top of Manzi Paya Hill to enjoy the panorama view of this beautiful region.

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3. Biking in Kalaw

Kalaw has such a perfect atmosphere for outdoor activities, especially biking. The cool and fresh air make the tourists want to take more time outside with the peaceful nature. You can begin your biking tour at the market of the town where a slew of vendors and stalls selling all kind of items from food, attires to jewelries. Continue to cycle through the old colonial town until you reach the hill’s peak. You recharge the energy at this place then keep doing the tour or go back to the hotels and prepare for the next adventure.

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4. Hpa An (Pa an) Caves

The adventure in Hpa An is full of surprise with a number of outstanding caves like Saddan, Yathaypyan, Kawgun or Kaw Ka Thawng. Each cave bears its own different characteristics but sharing the common features of holiness and mystery. They contain an impressive collection of Buddha statues and carvings. The scenery outside also charms any visitors coming here to explore the beauty of the mountainous areas with the lush vegetation and magnificent landscape.

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5. Kalaw to Myint Ma Hti Cave.

This trek is a bit harder than other routes but the reward is worthy. The trek begins in Kalaw, then leads you to the mysterious Myin Ma Hti cave where placed a prestigious pagoda and a selection of gilded Buddhist images. If you want to experience a slice of the local life, you can also visit the Myin Ma village.

6. Snorkeling in Mergui Archipelago

These offshore islands are still not have many tourists for the remote location, thus, it still maintains the unspoiled and pristine biological. Mergui Archipelago is one of the best places for water – based activities in Myanmar and Asia in general. Snorkeling in this area offers a great opportunity to see the diverse marine life as well as enjoy a perfect escape from the busy life.

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7. Putao

Located in the far north of Myanmar, in Kachin state, Putao and its surrounding areas are the great places for adventurous spirits with challenging mountain ranges and the incredible wilderness. The highest mountain of Southeast Asia Hkakabo Razi also lies in this region. Hence, due to the location close to the border of China and India, a travel permit is required.

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