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Travel to Myanmar and Discover 5 Special Things in Inle Lake

Though welcoming millions of tourists annually, the famous Lake Inle, one of must-see destination in any travel to Myanmar, still retains the rustic charm and lifestyle, which is the main interest of the region.

1. The Intha fishermen

Unlike in any other place, the Intha fishermen just stand one foot on top of the boat and the other is use for rowing, which requires them to have the strength and toughness as the masters in the art of keeping balance. This unique style allows the fishermen to go through dense reeds, the gardens reproducing on the lake and enjoy the panoramic view of what is happening on the water face.

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2. The floating garden

In addition to fishing, Intha people also plants vegetable at the floating gardens right on the lake, including tomatoes, beans, peppers, cucumbers… The garden in the vernacular is called “Yae chant”. People used mud and weeds in the lake to create these floating gardens and used bamboo poles driven into the lake bottom to keep them from drifting. The water level in the lake rises and falls that makes the vegetables in the garden further steady develop thanks to the regular water supply.

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3. Cigars making process

Only in Lake Inle, visitors would have the opportunity to cruise on the vast waterways and observed the art of making cigar of the Intha.
The cigar was rolled up by the woman from a mixture of natural ingredients such as tobacco, honey, banana, tamarind, wine, brown sugar, anise. Thanks to a unique formula and the heart of the craftsmen, those cigars made in Inle Lake have a very pleasant aroma.

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4. Forging

Visit Sekong Village located among Inle Lake, visitors will see the forges where producing specific tools for the people living in the Inle Lake and nearby regions. When the metal is heated at a high temperature, the men would use the hammer on metal until it is thin out and has a specific shape. If you do not know much about this profession, then this will be a fascinating opportunity to experience.

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5. The long-necked Padaung women

Padaung is one of eight Kayah ethnic minorities in the Kayah State, Southwest Myanmar. Wearing a lot of copper bracelets, women who live in Inle Lake Padaung has an elongated neck, iridescent with gold. From immemorial time, they have believed that the wearing of rings on the neck, hands and feet will protect themselves from evil tigers.

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Therefore, only when the girl was 8 years old, they would be honored to wear the first bracelet. For every year she was wearing a more, and the more brass rings a woman wearing, the more respect she will receive from the locals.

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