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Top ideal destinations in Chiang Rai tourists shouldn’t overlook


170km from the beautiful city Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai borders Laos and Myanmar, being one of the must-see places in Thailand. Famous as the center of the legendary Golden Triangle, this land is always a mysterious tourist attraction of the land of golden temples. Let’s have a look at top ideal destinations in Chiang Rai tourist to prepare for your next trip here.

  1. Wat Rong Khun (The White Temple)

The first destination in your journey should be Wat Rong Khun (The White Temple). It was designed and built by a Thai artist in 1997 with the aim of honoring the intellect of the Buddha. Unlike other old temples in Chiang Rai, the whole temple is decorated with the white color and sophisticated architectural features.

Chiang Rai tourists | The famous White Temple in Chiang Rai

The famous White Temple in Chiang Rai

The Hindu architecture style blending with the mysteriousness creates the attractiveness of the temple. Especially, it becomes more beautiful when placed in a green grass garden, beside a sparkling lake with the Koi fish schools swimming around. There are many pictures and images of celebrities like Superman, Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley… But you should remember that taking photos isn’t allowed in the temple.

  1. The area of Golden Triangle

The next destination I recommend you to discover in Chiang Rai is the Golden Triangle. This place used to be a craggy mountainous region which was renowned as the biggest place of opium production in the world. The Golden Triangle lies amidst the borders of three countries: Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.

The Golden Triangle milestone in Chiang Rai

The Golden Triangle milestone in Chiang Rai

Nowadays, it is no longer the place of opium production but known as an ideal ecotourism destination. Poppy fields are now replaced by green fruit or vegetable fields.

There is also a temple with the big Buddha statue which can be seen at a distance. Surroundings are shops or museums of opium. Setting foot on one of the drug hot spot in the world, you will have a totally different feeling since it is now a peaceful land. Don’t forget to rent a boat to travel to Laos or Myanmar if you have enough time.

  1. Long Neck Karen Village

Karen is an ethnic minority of Myanmar migrating to Thailand and living in some northern provinces of this country. Long Neck Karen Village is an interesting tourist spot when you come to Chiang Rai. In this village, you will have the chance to learn about the lifestyle as well as customs and habits of villagers. The number of necklaces of a woman depends on her age. Some of necklaces are up to 35cm in height and 5kg in weight.

Women in Long Neck Karen Village

Women in Long Neck Karen Village

Those who have long necks live in a separated region and each of family makes souvenirs to meet the demand of tourists.

  1. Baan Si Dum ( Black House)

The characterized features of Baan Si Dum are soft curves and intricate carvings. Constructed in the late 20th century, this complex comprises of 40 black houses in a campus with the area up to 160,000 m2. Apart from red tile roofs, all things such as cement, brick or wood are all painted in black. Therefore, Baan Si Dum boasts its unique beauty which you can’t find anywhere.

The impressive architecture of Black House

The impressive architecture of Black House

This is the place to display classic art works, farming tools or sculptures. Each house brings visitors a surprise with unique architecture and installation art.

  1. Chiang Rai Night Bazaar

Chiang Rai Night Bazaar is a place deserved to visit. The bazaar is neat and tidy, divided into distinctive areas: food, souvenirs, specialties…

Chiang Rain Night Bazaar is crowded with people

Chiang Rain Night Bazaar is crowded with people

Though the bazaar is always crowded with people, tourists still have the sense of quiet and orderliness. Residents in Chiang Rai are extremely kind and friendly, so it is comfortable to visit the bazaar regardless of whether you buy something or not.

Chiang Rai is really peaceful with memorable beauty. If you are lucky enough to travel to this city, enjoy all interesting things here!

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