Con Te-A New Eco-Tourist Site of Hue

Apart from attracting tourists with tombs, temples, Ngu Mountain, Huong (Perfume) River,Thien Mu pagoda … Hue has also a lot of new, appealing eco-tourist sites that you should explore. One of the interesting destinations is Con Te – A New Eco- Tourist Site of Hue.

Con Te is the submerged land situated opposite to Thuan An estuary, located in Huong Phong Commune, Huong Tra District. From the day when Thao Long bridge – damn work was put into use, this place has become an eco- tourist destination attracting many tourists traveling in a group with family and friends.

Con Te-A New Eco-Tourist Site of Hue

Con Te-A New Eco-Tourist Site of Hue

From the center of Hue City, visitors take Highway 49 toward Thuan An, turn left in Dien Truong bridge (Phu Tan commune, Phu Vang district), then ride about another 5 km to reach Con Te.

The lakes filled with white lilies and reeds will be the beautiful settings for you to take some memory pictures for this interesting journey. Con Te is also known as shelter belt of aquatic larvae in brackish water areas; therefore, this land looks like a miniature museum. When the tide is down, beside the small rivulets are the brown strip of land dotted with green Aegiceras and white Sonneratia. In the afternoon, a small group of children in the village of Thuan Hoa B diligently catch the snails…


Vietnamese countryside with boat leisurely graze on the bank of cool Tam Giang lagoon

Along the way to Con Te is the peaceful but very familiar scenery to the Vietnamese countryside with the bike, boat, cows leisurely graze on the bank of cool Tam Giang lagoon. In hot days, you can visit one of the “specialties of Con Te” which is sitting in the huts, enjoying numerous delicacies from the lagoon such as grilled shrimp, squid, snapper, caught from Tam Giang lagoon, at that time, all the fatigue seem to have vanished.

In the late afternoons, when dusk falls, Tam Giang lagoon is like being put on a sparkling yellow shirt. Vast waves in the golden light of the sunset make us think of a famous song by Nguyen Thien Thanh: Afternoon on the Tam Giang.

If you are tired, please stop at the food stall along the shrimp ponds. This is when you and your loved ones enjoy the produce of the lagoon. A coal stove to grill the fresh shrimp or fish, snapper will create excitement for everyone.

According to experienced fishermen, the reason why Tam Giang lagoon has a lot of delicious fish is that water is always circulating creating the clean environment. On the other hand, this is also the only region in the Tam Giang to remain chives seaweed which is the number one food and is also an ideal habitat for small fish species such as snapper, discus, tilefish and brown fish. Fish species in Tam Giang is very tasty and has high nutritional value. Hue people often refer to them as the ” medicine fish “, because fish can function as a mild sedative, anti-insomnia and reduce stress very effectively.

In particular, brown fish steamed with Malabar nightshade here has been handed as the effective drugs to treat insomnia. These fish are also particularly delicious when being cooked as porridge. When the rice grains begin to bloom in the pot, porridge water boils, the marinated fresh fish will be put into the pot. The aroma rises. Drinking a bowl of fish porridge with good smell of onion, sweet malts, all the toxins left in the body seem to get rid of.

Coming to Con Te, you can firsthand see, hear and touch the land which is called “green life” in this lagoon.


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