Top 3 Mekong Delta Vietnam Highlights

Mekong Delta is one of the few peaceful regions in Vietnam, which still owns its simple and tranquil characteristics as a long-term countryside should be. In spite of not being known very well by tourists, the trip to Mekong Delta promises to bring you totally different experiences that you cannot find in other touristy spots. Thus, today we would like to present to you top 3 Mekong Delta Vietnam Highlights for your upcoming visits to this beautiful region.

1. Floating Markets

Floating Markets are always the must-see spot of Mekong Delta when you have a chance to do your Vietnam private tours. Once arrived, you will be amazed by an immense area of bustling trading boats, which often starts at 3 AM in the early morning. It is not a scene that you see often in where you live, which consists of thousands of vessels full of good of all types floating on Mekong River.

The sellers in every ‘floating shop’ often hang a sample of their good on a pole so that tourists and buyers can easily see. They sell mostly fruit, vegetables, flowers, seafood and other unique local specialties. If you need to have a food stop, you can easily find yourself some culinary masterpieces on boats such as Hu Tieu, Bun Ca, Xoi or fresh drinks like coconut milk, coffee, fruit juice and so on. This floating trip will also offer you an opportunity to observe the simple daily life and activities to earn a living of local people as well as their incredibly close-knit relationship among all of Vietnamese family members. In particular, It is not difficult to see little children at the age of 5 or 6 helping their parents selling stuffs or some 12-year-old children decided not to go to school to assist their family.


2. Tropical Fruit Gardens

Mekong delta is widely famous for its immense gardens of tropical fruit. The Fruit in Mekong Delta has full conditions to reach its best thanks to the nicely warm climate and fat alluvial soil. Visiting these fruit gardens, you will have a chance to taste the best tropical fruit in Vietnam according to many foreign visitors as well as meet the nicest and most friendly people in the country and listen to their stories about the garden. Moreover, the trip will help you understand more about simple houses and facilities of Mekong delta people, most of them are not rich but they are happy.

3. Scenic Boat Trip

Another interesting way to enjoy the beauty of this picturesque region besides Luxury Mekong River Cruises is to take tiny boats to discover deeply into its complicated waterways.

You will be amazed by the peaceful scenery of Mekong Delta with leaf-covered brick or stilt houses, rustic bamboo bridges and shady coconut trees on both sides of the rivers. It’s really delightful and comfortable for you to sit on bamboo boat slowly floating on tranquil rivers while soaking your hands into cold alluvial water and listening to Southern Vietnam folk songs sung by unprofessional but skillful local artists nearby.

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