Top 5 most magnificent waterfalls in Vietnam

Waterfalls in Vietnam : Vietnam is the land of wonderful natural landscapes in international tourists’ eyes. Masterpieces gifted by nature are not only majestic mountain ranges or gorgeous beaches but also impressive waterfalls. Ban Gioc, Pongour or Bao Dai… are all attached to legends and attract visitors by their pristine and poetic beauty. Now let’s discover top 10 most magnificent waterfalls in Vietnam!

  1. Ban Gioc Waterfall

89 km far away from Cao Bang Town, right on the border Vietnam – China, Ban Gioc Waterfall is the most majestic in Vietnam. This is also the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia. It was ever voted as one of six most beautiful waterfalls in China in 2005.

waterfalls in Vietnam | Ban Gioc Waterfall - The most majestic waterfalls in Vietnam

Ban Gioc Waterfall – The most majestic waterfall in Vietnam

Ban Gioc Waterfall comprises of 2 parts. The main part lies on the border Vietnam – China, demarcated by Quay Son River while the other part is entirely located in the territory of Vietnam. The main part is 100m in width, 70m in height and 60m in depth. The waterfall pouring down creates the spectacular scenery. It looks like a strip of white silk surrounded by stunning vegetation.

  1. Pongour Waterfall (seven-storey waterfall)

This is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Vietnam, situated in Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province. It is 50km south of Da Lat city – a famous tourist attraction in Vietnam. The waterfall pours down from the height of nearly 40m and spreads over 100m with the system of 7 stone steps.

The mesmerizing beauty of Pongour Waterfall | waterfalls in Vietnam

The mesmerizing beauty of Pongour Waterfall

Pongour Waterfall is surrounded by a primeval forest with the area of 2.5 hectares and the diverse vegetation. Waterfalls pouring down into stone steps creates a landscape of both majesty and romance. Especially, on 15th  January (lunar calendar) every year, youngsters from all places gather here and hold the spring festival.

  1. Tac Tinh Waterfall

Tac Tinh Waterfall is 30km southeast of Lai Chau City, being one of the most attractive waterfalls in Vietnam. To come here, tourists have to pass a trail with the length of 150m. In return, they can admire a breathtaking waterfall with pristine beauty of white foam and dramatic mountainous landscapes.

Tac Tinh Waterfall with the picturesque scenery / waterfalls in Vietnam

Tac Tinh Waterfall with the picturesque scenery

Besides picturesque scenery, visitors also have the chance to know more about the legend of the couple creating this natural setting.

  1. Bac Waterfall (Silver Waterfall)

Being a well-known tourist spot in Sapa District, Lao Cai Province, this waterfall draws a lot of travelers visiting each year.

Bac Waterfall is a highlight of Sapa District

Bac Waterfall is a highlight of Sapa District

It is extremely beautiful with spectacular scenes of streams, white foam and the powerful sound of water pouring down. That’s the reason why it is called “Silver Waterfall”.

Standing on the top of the waterfall, almost all of us will have a deep sense of smallness of human amidst nature.

  1. Bao Dai Waterfall (Jraiblian Waterfall)

Compared to above landscapes, Bao Dai Waterfall is a little less famous. But that doesn’t mean that its wonderful beauty is not recognized. Named after a king of the feudal period, it is strongly appealing with the waterfall divided into 3 branches, which vibrates all surroundings. In the sunshine, trickle makes up colorful rainbow light.

The unspoiled beauty of Bao Dai Waterfall - waterfalls in Vietnam

The unspoiled beauty of Bao Dai Waterfall

The waterfalls pouring down create a lake with the area up to 20 hectares. This is a poetic ecotourism site which is suitable for discoveries, adventure games… Visiting Bao Dai Waterfall, backpackers might immerse in wild nature amidst one of the most vivid landscapes in Vietnam.

The journey to find out the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam hasn’t still ended. Don’t forget to read the next part of this article to know the others.

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