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5 Beautiful Orchards to Relax in Summer Days

Visiting the fruit gardens, you not only can relax in spacious, cool space of the vast gardens, but also can also pick and enjoy the taste of kinds of fresh fruit in the gardens. Top 5 Beautiful Orchards to Relax in Summer Days.

1.Trung An orchard – Cu Chi

Located less than 40 km from the center of Saigon, Trung An orchard, Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh city, is one of the closest places to enjoy fresh, delicious fruit with those who want to spend the weekend to relax and enjoy fruit. In addition to going sightseeing, enjoying delicious ripe fruits, you can sit in a leaf hut sipping cool or fresh foods with delicious taste.

5 Beautiful Orchards to Relax in Summer Days in Vietnam


Take Tan Qui intersection as the starting point:

  • Turn right on Highway 8 towards Trung An Commune.
  • Drive about 1km, then turn left into the main road to Trung An Commune.
  • Go straight to the bow, turn right Vo Thi Hong road.
  • Go along Song Lu road.
  • Go to the end of the road where has Ba Nam Lung wharf.
  • Turn left, across a small bridge, turn right at the first intersection (not the one at the foot of the bridge).
  • Drive another path, you will find two large palm trees in front of a house- the orchard of Mr. 8 Dao.
  • Although the road is winding and narrow, once arriving, you will firsthand pick up clusters of ripened berries on trees and will have beautiful pictures.

2.Cho Lach orchard – Ben Tre

Not only is Cho Lach famous for the vast orchards, this land of Ben Tre is also known for a long history fruit festival started in June every year.

5 Beautiful Orchards to Relax in Summer Days in Vietnam

Unlike other places where plant only one to two kinds of fruit in the Mekong Delta, Cho Lach has many different fruits, from sweetmeats, mangosteen in Cai Mon to green grapefruit in Son Dinh, rambutan in Vinh Binh, orange in Phu Phung… Visiting the festival, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the unforgettable specialties of this land as snail in Phu Da, mussels pancakes, pancakes…

3.Vinh Kim orchard – Tien Giang

Referring to the name of Vinh Kim (a commune in Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province), we immediately think of star apple in Lo Ren Vinh Kim with two different anecdotes. One anecdote is associated with a blacksmith who likes crossbreed fruit varieties in Long Hung Commune, Chau Thanh District. Another story is linked to a in-law story of this land with Long Hung Commune, Chau Thanh District.

5 Beautiful Orchards to Relax in Summer Days in Vietnam

Whatever the origin is, people still can not resist the plump star apple fruit with delicious sweetness. In addition to this famous brand of star apple, going to Vinh Kim, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the unique fruits which have been imported into this country.

4.Long Khanh orchard  – Dong Nai

Going to Long Khanh, Xuan Loc, Dong Nai province at this time, you will be fascinated by the red ripe rambutan gardens along the roadside. If you like, you can stop at any pulic garden, ask the gardeners to buy rambutan or visiting the gardens of mangosteen, durian lade with fruit, delicious and fragrant custard. Apart from people’s gardens, you can also buy tickets to visit eco gardens with a certain price.

5 Beautiful Orchards to Relax in Summer Days in Vietnam

5.Nam Nhi orchard- Lam Dong

Nam Nhi is the other name of Ha Lam commune, Dai Huoai district, Lam Dong. Perhaps many people do not know the name of this place, but if it is shown on the route Saigon – Dalat, after passing the area of Dong Nai to the first area of Lam Dong, every one will certainly be impressed by red ripe rambutan clusters along the roads.

5 Beautiful Orchards to Relax in Summer Days in Vietnam

Like other fruit-growing areas, to this area, you can stop at any garden to buy fruits. A special feature of this land is that, almost the garden here not only grow rambutan but also intersperse a lot of other fruits such as jackfruit, durian, mangosteen, mulberry … Another option to experience the taste of fruit in this basaltic soil land is to buy tickets to Nam Nhi orchard (with signpost along the highway) to camp, enjoy the fruits in the garden.

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