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Gorgeous Red Barringtonia Tree in Phu Tho

More than 80 red barringtonia trees in ancient Cam Khe, Phu Tho in the flower season create a red carpet just below the root.

Phu Tho 1

The complex of red barringtonia tree is recognized as a heritage tree located in Go Tho, Chuong Xa Commune, Cam Khe District, Phu Tho Province. From a distance, the red barringtonia tree complex is like a giant bonsai or a thick forest.

According to the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment, this community has more than 80 trees, located on a 500 m2 mound on the Lang Chuong, also known as the Vong hill.
Very few records accurately record the age of the red barringtonia tree, but many estimate it to be more than 1,000 years old.

Phu Tho 2

The red barringtonia tree has tiny flowers, sprouting down like a drop. Flowers often bloom when it is dark, fragrant. The most beautiful time of flowers is at night.

Only after one night, the flowers will fall off and spread under a tree with a red carpet. This is also what makes visitors far away to look at the scenery, photography and faraway home.

Phu Tho 3

There is also an ancient shrine, the legend tells Ngoc Hoa Princess daughter 18th Hung King, passed away due to sinking boat on a stormy night in the lagoon.

Road to the Go Vinh is not too difficult but should ask the people to go in the right direction. Around the red barringtonia tree there are many lotus blossom.

Phu Tho 4

The poetic scene of the red barringtonia trees in the seasons becomes the ideal setting for young photographers to take photos and wedding photos.

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