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The Pig Hill – The Best Place to See Panorama of Vung Tau from above

Beside the famous places, famous relics, beautiful beaches, many delicious dishes, Vung Tau also owns many interesting and new places. In it, the most unique can not ignore the name “Pig Hill”. Pig Hill is sure to satisfy your passion for exploring and give your visitors an exciting emotional experience.

The Pig Hill 1

What to see on Pig Hill?

Pig Hill is a small hill protruding from the mountainside located at Bai Sau Vung Tau. According to some information, Pig Hill was originally a quarry. And it was the rock mining that accidentally created a very beautiful hill today. If you want to explore the unique and strange tourist attractions of the city, Pig Hill will be a great suggestion for visitors because not everyone knows this place.

Pig Hill from above

Actually, Pig Hill is just a bare hill. However, the mystery will be “opened” as you approach the edge of the hill. Both a long sand beach Bai Sau Vung Tau curved with a sea of deep blue sky will appear in front of visitors. And perhaps this is why some travel guides trip Vung Tau voted Pig Hill is one of the most beautiful panoramic view of Vung Tau beside the Statue of God and the mountain lighthouse is too small language. If you do not know or need more information about Nui Nho – Small Mountain in Vung Tau, tourists can refer to explore the place of Vung Tau through the article “Small Mountain – conquer and explore the peak of Vung Tau”.

About three to five o’clock in the afternoon, Pig Hill is windy. Standing here, visitors can feel the full sea breeze, sea scent of Vung Tau, enjoy the feeling of peace and freedom. From the Hill of Pigs, visitors will see a whole Thuy Van Street, a corner of Ha Long Road and Hon Ba Island in the middle of the sea. If more fortunate, visitors also see a few boats beyond the far post. Pig Hill attracts tourists to Vung Tau most people are fascinated by this is a beautiful sightseeing. Pig Hill is the place to be able to produce many wonderful, original, and new pictures.

The Pig Hill 2

Scenery on Pig Hill varies seasonally. Come to Pig Hill at two different times of the year, you will notice the difference. In the dry season, Pig Hill looks quite dry, barely covered with rock and some of the grass. But in the rainy season, the hills are like a new coat, full of living with green plants and a small pond of clear water.

Origin of the strange name ” Pig Hill “

The information surrounding the origin of the strange name ” Pig Hill ” is a lot. Of which, there are two most convincing and well-known explanations. First of all, there is a wind in the hills. So people call it Heo Hill (Heo also mean wind in Vietnamese). Heo is also mean pig, so gradually, the name of hog hill is misunderstood as “Pig”, hence the name ” Pig Hill ” was born.

The second explanation is that in the past, there was a poor village on the trail along the Tao Phung mountain slope. Poor people live mainly on farming and livestock. Every day, the children in the neighborhood often duck poultry on a piece of hills protruding from the mountains. However, one day, a pig appeared on the hill. The kids feel interesting and call it ” Pig Hill “. The name ” Pig Hill “appears from here.

Whatever the reason, when it comes to the name “Pig Hill” still gives people feel quite interesting, fun and lovely. Although known quite late, but along with the famous tourist sites of Vung Tau, such as Kito Statue, Little Mountain, Bach Dinh, Thich Ca Buddhist … Pig Hill is a new color added to the “picture” of Vung Tau.

Road to the ” Pig Hill “

The Pig Hill 3

From Bai Sau Vung Tau, tourists go Thuy Van on the direction of Front Beach. When you meet the Phan Chu Trinh junction, visitors turn right on this road. On Phan Chu Trinh Street, visitors run into 220 alleys and start up the hill. Road from the lower alley 220 to the hill up to 500m. The road is very steep and standing, and there are many stones near the hill. If you travel by motorbike, you should be careful, run at slow speed and have a steady steering. To get to the hills, tourists can only ride on motorbikes or walk because the road is quite narrow, cars can not climb.

In order to keep Tourism Vung Tau – Pig Hill always beautiful, when visitors do not forget to keep general hygiene, do not litter. A small hill with rocky cliffs on one side, immense sea on one side, feelings and experiences exploring Pig Hill will be unforgettable.

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