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Top 5 Best Places for Holidays in Vietnam

1. Vung Tau

Vung Tau has been pretty good balance between excitement and calm, which makes it become one of ideal places for holidays in Vietnam. Every morning walking along the coastal path is a fun and healthy physical activity for the older ones. There are not only wind-swept beaches but also many temples like Niet Ban Tinh Xa (Nirvana House), Thich Ca Phat Dai (Sakyamuni’s altar)… for the elder looking for pure place.

Places for Holidays in Vietnam

In addition, not far from Vung Tau, Binh Chau hot springs can be an attractive weekend destination. A relaxing soak in the hot water may help older people feel very comfortable, significantly reducing osteoarthritis pain sensation.

2. Da Lat

More than a century ago, the doctor Yersin discovered Da Lat, the most ideal place to unwind. Since then, Dalat has still kept that title and be an attractive destination of many people. Year-round cool climate, scenic vistas of Dalat creates the ideal space for older people to live leisurely.

Places for Holidays in Vietnam 2

Especially, in the city of a thousand flowers, cool climate would be very suitable for anyone who enjoys farming. Walking around the Xuan Huong Lake, going to Truc Lam Monastery to worship … are activities that are exciting and appropriate for many older people.

3. Phu Yen

Phu Yen has green immense fields in the countryside beside the famous sights like O Loan lagoon, Da Dia Reef, Vung Ro, Huong Tich pagoda … that many people ecstatic. Charming scenery, honest people make this land a close beauty.

Places for Holidays in Vietnam 3

Older people living here will not feel lonely as easily going around the city or even in the inner city they can also take a dip in the sea with many people. Here there are many specialties such as squid pancakes, chicken rice with basil leaves, roasted corn… so enjoying delicacies are also a joy for old age.

4. Con Dao

Year-round sunny and windy, Con Dao remains clean environment, untouched nature, each beach has its own beauty with blue water inside the smooth sand. In 2011, Con Dao was shortlisted intop 10 world’s most mysterious and charming islands. Safe, comfortable and nature-friendly life would be very beneficial for the health of older people. There are also many attractive specialties such as snail, moon crab…

Places for Holidays in Vietnam 4

Moreover, it is also a sacred land with heroic history, which will revive old memories of those who went through the war. Nostalgia sometimes is a spiritual dose for retiring time.

5. Ha Tien

Ten poems of the poet in the ancient time praised the beauty of this land which created reputation “Ha Tien – one of ten most beautiful landscape”. Today, Mount Binh, Tieu Pagoda, Thach Grottos, Dong Lake, Hon Chong … still captivates those who come to admire. Ha Tien is a poetic natunal painting with mountains, sea, islands and plain.

Places for Holidays in Vietnam 5

Besides, the legends associated with the historic sites have added impressive features. It is not noisy and bustling but quiet and peaceful as an old village with ancient mossy roof. Ha Tien dishes such as Ha Tien sticky rice, steamed noodles, trumpet noodle, dry shrimp noodle, and baked rolls … which specificly combined flavors of ethnic Vietnamese – Chinese – Khmer. Immersing in the great natural scenery, enjoying a variety of exotic dishes, surely the older ones will find much fun in their lives.

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