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When Shouldn’t You Visit Hanoi?

If you are planning a trip to Hanoi but do not know when to go to the most reasonable time, please read the article here to have a perfect plan in the trip to the beautiful capital.

Do not travel Hanoi from May to July

It is difficult to find a place in this country like Hanoi. This place harmonizes the dream of Da Lat, the excitement of Saigon and the ancient lyrical of Hue, Hoi An. That is why Hanoi is not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists love.

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The climate characteristics of Hanoi are markedly different between the hot and cold seasons. Summer really begins in May lasts until July, at this time average temperature is 29 degrees Celsius. June is considered to be the hottest month, the temperature is up to 38 degrees. From May to In July, the prolonged temperature along with the southwest winds made the heat harsher and louder.

So visitors should not go to Hanoi in May, June, July. Because, at this time, Hanoi “received ” the heat that visitors are tired of traveling between destinations. In addition, the weather in Hanoi at this period changed erratically, after the fierce heat suddenly thunderstorms and rainy storms rushing. Hot weather to cold weather will make visitors unsuitable for adaptation leading to sunburn, colds and prolonged headaches. If the family has children, you should not travel to Hanoi in the period from May to July to ensure the health of children.

Do not travel to Hanoi in December, January

Winter is also not a good time to visit Hanoi, Located in the tropics, all year round, Hanoi receives abundant and regularly irradiated solar radiation from the tropical low pressure yearly. Therefore, the average annual rainfall reaches 1676mm and the average humidity is over 80%. Winter in Hanoi begins in December lasting until January next year. At this stage, the temperature in Hanoi fluctuates on average from 18.5 ° C to 21.5 ° C. These days in Hanoi are subjected to cold.

Located in the perimeter under the influence of the gusty winds from the Central Asian Peninsula, blowing through Mongolia and from mainland China through the low hills of the Northeast. Weather in Hanoi in December, January is very cold and cold long cold. Because of that, the tours of Hanoi are limited organization at this stage to ensure the health of visitors.

The perfect time to travel to Hanoi

September to November or from March to April is the time of Hanoi in the most beautiful season, the weather is warm and pleasant, not too dry and cold weather. The best time to travel to Hanoi is from August to September. In these months, Hanoi begins its season, from summer to autumn. Fall brings the thousands of trees in the city to shed the blue coat on top of a plaid covered with gold leaf, a sexy yellow dress.

Come to Hanoi fall is a chance for visitors to experience the emotional supply of autumn. It can be said that Hanoi tourism is a collection of three-dimensional space to give visitors a lot of sudden feelings, a little love, a little memory, a little joy mixed up to make people live again in their memories…

The autumn in Hanoi is warm and peaceful

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In addition, visitors should visit Hanoi during the Lunar New Year. On this occasion, Hanoi is very busy and vibrant with a series of traditional festivals held to commemorate the traditional figures in history such as Soc festival, Hai Ba Trung temple festival and especially Perfume Pagoda is considered to be a festival attracting many tourists to the happiness, luck for family and work.

Hanoi has no mountains nor sea. Hanoi as small as daughter hands, rhythm of life rebound, bustling but the city still has hundreds, thousands of things to make people come here once always have to remember.

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