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Tips to Travel to Sapa at Low Cost

Saving money in the travelling is something that any tourist wants. So how to have a Sapa trip at low cost but still perfect? The article below will help you do that.

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Sapa is a popular tourist destination. The cool fresh air, green mountain with magnificent beauty brings great tourism advantages to Sapa compared to many other tourist attractions. Coming to Sapa is not easy because visitors have to overcome a long and tiring distance. The sharing below will help travelers have a safest and most saving Sapa tours.


How to move to Sapa by the most economical way is a question for many visitors before coming to Sapa to relax and explore. Currently, tourists can choose bus or train to reach Sapa. Many travelers choose trains for transportation. Guests can book a roundtrip ticket in case there is no ticket for peak season or the holidays. With 700,000 – 800,000 vnd (28 – 32 USD)/ per person, visitors can move quickly from Hanoi station to Lao Cai station. This is also a affordable vehicle to many people.

Buses are also available. With the price from 200.000 vnd to 400,000 vnd (8 – 16 USD)/ per time with good quality, visitors can feel secure when choosing this means of transportation.

If tourists are motorbike lovers, the road from Hanoi – Lao Cai – Sapa is very suitable for a Sapa saving trip at the weekend by motorbike there.

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Best time to Sapa

Any visitor to Sapa would like to see Sapa when it is most beautiful. There are two times visitors should choose to go to Sapa, it is April – May, when Sapa forest is beautiful with many kinds of flowers blooming and September – October, when the terraces change yellow color , which is very eye catching. This is also the most beautiful time of the year to visit Sapa.

For the most cost savings, travelers should travel Sapa in September – Octorber, because this is the time the airline discount ticket, and it is also the time food service, hotel in Sapa have the most affordable price.

Tourist destination in Sapa

Where should I visit for most saving trip? Guests can visit the following famous sites if you want to save travel costs in Sapa:

Ham Rong Mountain is probably the first place visitors should come to Sapa. Located in the center of town, visitors only take a few minutes to reach this extremely popular place. From the peak of Ham Rong Mountain, visitors can admire the whole view of the beautiful Sapa town.
Second place visitors should go to is Cat Cat village, about 2km away from the town. Come to this village, visitors will know a lot more about the daily life as well as the traditional beauty of the Hmong people here.

In addition, places like the Silver Falls, the ancient stone church … are also popular tourist destinations that travelers should visit if you want to know more about Sapa.


In Sapa, there are many places where tourists can choose to stay and relax. Guests can choose one of the hotels, guesthouses below to rest. But to be able to rest in good quality hotels and affordable rates, Sapa travel experience should advise travelers to choose hotels near Cau May and Muong Hoa. The hotels located in this area are very affordable, the quality of rooms is good, the views outside the hotel are very nice and the staffs are very hospitable.

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However, in addition to staying in hotels at affordable prices, Sapa travelers can also choose to sleep in villages, villages of ethnic minorities around the area, it is called homestay. This form has blossomed recently, as some of the tourists want to explore the culture of ethnic minorities and choosing to sleep in their homes. Gradually, this form becomes extremely popularamong tourists because of the cheap price and good experience when living with local peoples, which is wonderful, unforgettable.

In addition, guests can also enjoy the food with the wild apple wine or enjoy meals with the locl people to learn more about the way of life of ethnic minorities here.

It is so easy to have a saving trip to Sapa, isn’t it? With the “Tips to travel to Sapa at low cost”, you can be sure that you will have relaxing moments and cheerful trip in Sapa. We wish you a wonderful trip to Sapa.

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