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Travel Guide to Sapa as a Backpacker

Sapa is a favorite place for backpackers to relax and explore after hardworking day. Cool weather and majestic natural landscape turns Sapa into the paradise of backpackers. Let’explore Sapa with us with the article below.

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The Northwest of Vietnam recently becomes very busy with lots of backpackers moving to Sapa’s mountainous area. Why? This is the best time of Sapa when its mountains become most gorgeous in the year. Tourists can enjoy a beautiful Sapa with flowers blooming, ethnic minority people doing their work on the fields on the terraced rice fields… The landscape of Sapa is so beautiful and memorable!

Exploring Sapa is one of the interesting, attractive experience with long and wide national highway. Winding and mysterious trails through the forest make many people curious and want to explore the wild land of Northwest themselves. There are many choices for tourists to travel to Sapa and many of them like to travel as backpackers. From Hanoi, tourists can drive to Sapa on highway Hanoi – Lao Cai. It is around 400 km and tourists can experience memorable beautiful moments on the road they passed. The magnificent mountainous landscape, widing stream will make tourists feel like they are lost in the paradise.

If you feel that it’s tiring for a long road like that, and it’s not suitable for your health, we will introduce you another way to travel as backpackers, which is very famous nowadays. Instead of travelling along road by motorbike, you can get to the Lao Cai train station by train or bus, then drive your motorbike to Sapa. The wide and nice 40-km road from Lao Cai to Sapa is one of the most attractive roads to drive with bikers. Tourist can experience the feeling of living among nature, forest when enjoying this unique way of travel.

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The road to Sapa is so long and beautiful but it’s not the best of Sapa. There are so many nice places and gorgeous landscape waiting for tourists ahead. Coming to Sapa during this time is a wonderful decision because there are only 2 period that Sapa at its best in the year.

According to experience about travelling to Sapa, tourists coming to Sapa in April – May can watch gorgeous mountainous landscape with so many flowers blooming in the mist. This is also the time that ethnic people grow rice on their terraced rice fields. Tourists who want to hunt beautiful and impressive photos about Sapa should choose this time.

September to October is the time Sapa submerges in the yellow color of rice and the joyous laughter in the harvest season. The scenery of Sapa becomes golden with golden rice paddies waiting for the harvest. The rice harvest scene on these picturesque golden terraces is the most beautiful moment of the Northwest mountains. The majestic rice terraces of this season are the most beautiful images and this is considered as the typical image of Sapa. If you want to come to Sapa, we recommend you to come to this beautiful land at this time.

Not only the majestic mountain scenery, the rice field is golden, there are many beautiful places in Sapa with nice scenery waiting for tourists to explore during this time. The familiar names of Sapa tourist such as Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Falls or Cau May …. are always very popular destinations. The road to these beautiful places is very nice. The fresh natural scene, the fresh air makes the guests feel comfortable and joyful.

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If you come to Sapa, you should not overlook the delicious dishes made from meat and vegetables here. You can taste unique and fancy dishes such as roasted pork steak, grilled salmon, cassava, wild apple wine with local people … This feeling is truly amazing.

Sapa travel experience is really great if visitors come to this place at the right time. With the Sapa calendar, travelers will have a great selection of options to get the best preparation for a trip to Sapa over the weekend. Come to Sapa and feel the wonderful atmosphere of the Northwest mountains.

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