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Tuy Lai Lake – Miniature Halong Bay in Hanoi Suburban

Tuy Lai Lake in Tuy Lai Commune, My Duc district (Hanoi) features interwoven limestone mountains with a width of hundreds of hectares. It has three large lakes connecting with Quan Son Lake which creates a different landscape.

Beauty of Tuy Lai Lake

Tuy Lai Lake

To get to Tuy Lai Lake, you travel towards Ha Dong, passing through Ba La. Upon reaching Vac village, turn right towards Ba Tha.

Tuy Lai Lake 2

The complex of Tuy Lai Lake (Tuy Lai Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi) includes limestone mountains with a width of hundreds of hectares with 3 lakes connecting with Quan Son Lake.

Tuy Lai Lake 3

Tuy Lai includes a complex with hundreds of mountains, caves, small and large islets spreading over a large area of hundreds of hectares. At lull, the water surface is shimmering mirror under the blue sky.

Tuy Lai Lake 4

Cows grazing leisurely create idyllic and poetic scenery – a hard – to – find scene when travelling to Hanoi if you do not go further.

Tuy Lai Lake 5

To take the advantage of the lake, the locals breed fish and duck.

Tuy Lai Lake 6

According to a local person, fish breed in the lake grow naturally without consuming industrial food. This helps to protect the environment and bring good quality fish meat.

Tuy Lai Lake 7

In the rising- water season in July or August, abundant aquatic resources will be the destination for thousands of storks coming here to seek for food on the vast lake.

Tuy Lai Lake 8

Along the dike slope are many temples and shrines creating peaceful landscape of the land.

Tuy Lai Lake 9

This area seems not to be influenced by human beings so it is still unspoiled and tranquil.

Tuy Lai Lake 10

Limestone mountains eroded over time result in the great form of nature.

Tuy Lai Lake 11

Round islets filled with shady trees are always preserved by the locals.

Tuy Lai Lake 12

In the summer, the water rises so the water level could reach 6- 7 meters.

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